Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Des Moline Aug 10

I woke up to a door slamming about six times in a row. I looked out the window and saw three guys standing around an open U-haul full of music equipment talking. Deciding this was my head banger alarm clock I figured it was time to shower and hit the road for home. Today would be my last day on the road. The weather was warm but sunny and clear. I got into the Quad-cities at round noon and figured I would stop by to see an old friend. No such luck, he was out of the office. So I took route 67 over to Monmouth. I headed up to 74 from there.

It seemed like years since I had been on this road. As I drove over the Centennial Bridge in Peoria I couldn’t help feeling a little numb. I really could believe it was almost done. I was ending a trip that seemed too big to start. I got home two days early.

Leeann shortly after seeing me got into with me because my early arrival was messing up her plans to spend the night with Grandma Lois. Home sweet home. The girls and I drove up to Prophetstown the next day. With three ladies in the house, my life is all about compromise.

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